• As this Wiki was dead for quite some time, there are many games missing, and many of the pages are unfinished or poorly written. Our first priority should be to resolve these issues.

    It is slow going with just myself. I am just one person; while my love for the Vita is great, my amount of free time is not. The Wiki will not reach its full potential until we have more contributors.

    How You Can Help:

    • Visit Category:Stub. These pages are in poor condition and are in need of attention. If you are a fan of said game or are interested in helping us out, please see to it that the page is fixed up.
    • Visit Category:Cleanup. These pages are poorly written and need to be brought up to speed.
    • Add pages Category:Cleanup or Category:Stub that are in need of attention.

    - Add missing games. A page should exist for every game even if it is just a synopsis. This ensures that the game is on the Wiki and can be fixed up at a later date. - Add pictures. - Add in trailers or promotional videos to pages. See the Senran Kagura or the Final Fantasy X HD page for examples on how this should be done.

    There are tons of resources available to you that allow you to update the Wiki. New information can come from a variety of places:

    • PlayStation - The YouTube PlayStation channel. Frequently posts new PlayStation Vita videos and trailers.
    • PlayStation Blog - These blogs are usually done by people that work for the game companies in question. They're often loaded with new information that can easily be converted into information for articles.
    • /R/Vita - The reddit Vita page. Often contains posts about new games, videos, etc.
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