Michael Jackson: The Experience
MJ The Experience
Developer(s) Ubisoft São Paulo
Release date February 22, 2012
Genre Music, Singing
File Size FS Missing
Mode(s) Single-player, Multi-player
PSTV Compatible?
Distribution Distribution Missing
Age rating(s) ESRB: 10+
Platform(s) Playstation Vita

Michael Jackson: The Experience is an upcoming video game that will be released on the Playstation Vita. It will be released in February 21, 2012. The game is developed by Ubisoft São Paulo.

The PlayStation Vita version features functions similar to the 3DS version. Where the player swipes their finger across the screen to the on screen notes . The Vita version will also have DLC when it releases.

List of DLC songs for VITA versionEdit

The VITA have 15 DLC songs and 10 exportable songs from PS3, the songs started on december 20th, the packs of songs content 5 songs.

  • Another part of me. (December 20th)+
  • Man in the mirror. (December 20th)+
  • Jam. (December 20th)+
  • Dangerous. (December 20th)+
  • Liberian girl. (December 20th)+
  • We are the world. (December 27th)+
  • Say say say. (December 27th)+
  • Somebody's watching me. (December 27th)+
  • HIStory. (December 27th)+
  • Hold my hand. (December 27th)+
  • You rock my world. (January 17th)+
  • P.Y.T. (January 17th)+
  • Off the wall. (January 17th)+
  • This is it. (January 17th)+
  • Human nature. (January 17th)+
  • They don't care about us. ++
  • Dirty Diana. ++
  • Heal the wotld. ++
  • In the closet. ++
  • Money. ++
  • Stranger in Moscow. ++
  • Streetwalker. ++
  • Will you be there. ++
  • Sunset driver. ++
  • Wanna be startin' somethin'. ++



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