Gravity Rush
PsVITA GRUSH Gravity Rush 23288 zoom
Developer(s) SCE Japan Studio
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date 06/12/2012
Genre Action
File Size FS Missing
PSTV Compatible?
Distribution Distribution Missing
Age rating(s) Teen
Platform(s) Playstation Vita

Gravity Rush (originally announced under its Japanese working title Gravity Daze) is a game developed for the PlayStation Vita. Directed by Keiichiro Toyama, as demoed at E3, the core mechanic of the game is the player's ability to manipulate gravity to facilitate their navigation of the game's levels.

The player takes control of a character named Kat, who has the ability to change her own personal gravity. She gets her powers from a mystical astral cat that she names Dusty.

The main antagonists are mysterious creatures called Nevi, which harness incredible energy and seemingly have no purpose in life.

Gravity Rush has received positive reviews upon its release.


Gravity Rush Playstation Vita Gameplay07:32

Gravity Rush Playstation Vita Gameplay

Gravity Rush PS Vita Trailer01:30

Gravity Rush PS Vita Trailer

Gravity Rush PS Vita Trailer

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