Bioshock (Playstation Vita)
Cover large
Developer(s) Irrational Games
Publisher(s) 2K Games
Release date Unknown
Genre Shooter
File Size FS Missing
PSTV Compatible?
Distribution Distribution Missing
Age rating(s) TBA
Platform(s) Playstation Vita

Bioshock (Playstation Vita) was a video game planned for the Playstation Vita and to be developed by Irrational Games. It was announced on 6 June 2011, but according to Ken Levine the game had not been started and was still "in the hands of business people" as of 7 December 2012.[1][2] On 20 February 2014, following the announcement that Irrational Games was shutting down, a 2K Games representative stated that the publisher had no update on the status of the game, leading some to speculate that the game had become "vaporware".[3]





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